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    Here at the offices of No Excuses Films we're working extremely hard to meet some very pressing deadlines for our upcoming feature film. Right now Addam with 2 D's and Chad are living in small rabbit cages that releases food pellets every 4 hours, with a small water container (similar to what a gerbil would drink out of) while working on web code to bring you the new look of No Excuses Films, RLO can't stop throwing plastic discs at metal poles, Todd Z is gathering all the information he can on all international film festivals, Trevor is creating trailers and handling the computing power to export the final film, Mike Z is locked in a audio studio (without the gerbil water container, he is very thirsty), and Bobby K (me) is writing the final credits for the film this week. Lots of thank yous with a fuck you or two sprinkled in there. You know, salt and sugar.

    After we get the final film completed and begin submitting than that kicks off a new grind, but that doesn't mean you won't see us around. Keep an eye on all of our twitters, listen to the podcast (new season coming oh so soon Please keep checking for updates here on Facebook.

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    The first No Excuses Films t-shirt was created January 2006. It was a gift from Khilah in congratulations of the first Mr. Turtle short being successful. Deez and I were just about to take the prize trip to Sundance 2007. At that time, I lived in a one bedroom apartment (now I got two bedrooms, whut) and Deez was living in Lincoln. Chad was kicking it with Walt and Val. I bring this up, because a year later from the above mentioned time we launched NoExcusesFilms In that year Deez graduated college, I moved into this swanky two bedroom apartment with Khilah that I was just telling you about, and I'm pretty sure Chad was still chilling with Walt and Val. Every weekend for a good couple of months Khilah and I would drive to Lincoln, pick up Deez, bring him to Omaha and try to help him find a job. We all wanted Deez to find a job in Omaha so he could move back here. The plan was since I had that second bedroom Deez could move into that. With the extra money I was now saving that would go towards the film budget.

    The problem we had was finding Deez a job. It was a really tough job market. It became hard just getting interviews let alone hired. When we began the job hunt Deez said, " I don't care where I work. I just don't want to work for West Telemarketing." Sure enough, after about 4 months of weekly drives back and forth from Lincoln, he settled on West. At least it was some type of paycheck and we could begin the transition of Deez moving in. The sooner Deez moved in the sooner we could start building NOX.

    We didn't have any money to start a company. The only way we could get enough seed money was Chad, Khilah, and I camping out for Wii's and PS3s in November, in Nebraska. It was my first time putting anything on a credit card, I was doing a good job living pay check to pay check before that. When it was all said and done, I had charged 9 Wii's and 2 PS3's to a credit card, which I would immediately sell on eBay, pay off the cards, and everything else would go into the company's opening budget. I lived outside the Best Buy on 72nd & Dodge for three days straight in a tent. It was cold as shit. I'm just going to say it. Two guys I knew from my job also came out and endured the 3 day adventure. When your living in a parking lot for 3 days, no distractions or even electricity and your whole body in constant pain from the cold, making small talk becomes a must. Since we all had one thing on our minds, the PS3 and how much money we may make. We went around the circle and described what we were going to do with the funds. Like old timey Gold Rushers stuck in the Rocky mountains, sitting around a camp fire, dreaming of warm California nights and all that fucking sweet ass gold. One guy in the group wanted to buy a hot tub. Another guy was going to buy an engagement ring. Us? We're going to put it into a indie film budget. During one the nights at about 3 in the morning. A car drove by our tent city. He began shouting, "You all camping for PS3's? They're going for $4,000 on eBay! All of your wildest dreams are going to come true." As he drove off, we all laughed and called him an asshole or something. But looking back he was right. The $800 or so I ended up making per PS3 didn't pay for the Summer Before. Nor did it pay for that Hot Tub or engagement ring. But none the less that asshole was still right. If we were all dumb enough to sit outside a Best Buy in the middle of Winter for 3 days then we would be dumb enough to follow our dreams. Nothing could stop us. Sure enough we did make, The Summer Before. That one dude did get married. And I'm pretty sure the other guy did get a hot tub. At least I hope he did.

    Deez moved in with us, Christmas Eve of 2008. 1 year before NoExcusesFilms would go live. One year later we'd launch, and a year after that we'd launch along side Japs in the Ravine. A year after that in 2010 we would film our first feature film, The Summer Before. A little over a year after that I stand in front of you today. Looking back on things that have been written and looking forward to things that still need putting pen to paper. Or finger to iPad glass. The futures nuts bitch.

    The reason I tell these side stories is because I understand the perspective of the person sitting on the other end reading this. We haven't updated this home page in a year, the Facebook is weak son, and Bobcast isn't coming on a regular basis. Which on your end must seem like things are slowing down or even worse falling apart. Well I'm here to tell you, you couldn't be farther from the truth. We're kicking ass over here. The film is at it's final stages now. Watching it, I'm so happy with it. It's above and beyond my wildest dreams, Best Buy parking lot asshole. If you've been listening to Bobcast you know Trevor Nealy has officially joined the No Excuses crew. In regards to production value, Trevor being the Director of Photography on the film, helping me purchase the exact equipment we needed, and insane hours of work, he took The Summer Before to the next level. With the script I wrote, he was my key component in transferring words on paper and transcending it into an actual movie. It looks like movie. I know that probably sounds basic as shit to you but my focus since I was 13 was having the ability to shoot something that was comparable to what you see in a theater and we achieved it. Right time right place in human history. Technology reaching the right price point and talent coming together in ways you can only hope for. Mike Zimmerman is another prime example of that. If you're deep in the No Excuses Mythos, yes, Jizzy Mike Z (if you don't know you better find a copy of the No Excuses EP, props to my homie for life Jayden!) Since we last saw him selling Magazines, the guy went to a production audio school in Arizona then moved back to Omaha right before we began production. Before Mike Z was in the picture, the plan was to have Chad hold the boom mic. Mike Z captured the audio like a true pro would. It sounds great! The Sennheiser boom mic we used on production is now the mic used on Bobcast. You can go back in the archives and hear when the switch happens. It's incredible. I love that mic! Mike Z hands are the ones whose mastering the audio in post. I can't wait to hear the final product.

    On Bobcast we've had some of the actors from the film on (Todd Zimbelman, Jimmy Hill, Matt Dillon, Myrddin, etc) as you can tell not only was everybody on the film godly gifted with talent but they're all just remarkable people. They've all became really close friends and now family honestly. No Excuses Films has gone from us in a swanky two bedroom apartment to growing into a small NOX community. When we first started this, yes we wanted to make a film, but mostly was to grow a community of like minded people. Fuck money, when you have family. And I couldn't be more proud of everything that's grown to this point. Especially with everything going at top speeds barreling down an unknown track. Just blossoming more and more everyday.

    With that all being said we have a series of exciting announcements you'll only get HERE FIRST. NOX WORLD HERALD recognize.


    We got TWO new websites for the Summer Before coming out. That's right. Not one but TWO websites for the Summer Before. One that's film centric. Giving you all the info you need to know. When you'll be able to see it. All the news of the film, trailers, merchandise, everything! Oh did I just say Merchandise? You know we love Merch at NOX and we got some great things in the works. And I don't mean some lame adjustable cap with just the movie logo on the front. I'm talking fresh designs only Deez can grab a hold of in the deepest depths of his dreams. That's all I can say about that right now. The second website is based on the company the main characters work for in the film. A functioning Global Link website with some East telemarketing influence in there. Deez has a good amount of the frame work completed and I must say. IT LOOKS DOOOOOOPE! I'm not going to say anymore but to sprinkle a lil NOX Nutmeg on top, look for some Easter eggs on that site.


    We all know No Excuses Films is on Facebook. NoExcusesFilms Facebook . That exists. But we're not really ON Facebook. Currently it auto updates every time I post on the @MCBobbyK Twitter. But if I reply or mention to somebody I don't believe it updates the Facebook. Which is the majority of interaction on Twitter. That's the conversation. But if you're not on Twitter, only Facebook, you're missing out on the conversation. To fix this ugly problem, me, Bobby Kokrda is going to open his own Facebook page. This hasn't happened yet. But it's in the making and will go live very soon. The NOX Facebook will still be up and probably a lot more active now since it will have a more permanent presence manning it. My Facebook will be more personal like my Twitter is but will also work as a portal to everything we do. So instead of a Turtles face it'll be my face. I hope I like liking!

3rd or

    Just click those links. All you need to do to sign in and use your Facebook or Twitter login info. The Theme Park has been Chad and Val's baby. It's one the coolest things I've ever seen and you reading ME trying to explain it to YOU doesn't do it justice. You have to try it for yourself. I will say this though, as we take the Summer Before out and show it to the people I'm so excited to be able to tell people to come hang out with all the NOX family live in the Theme Park. Live chat with us, play your favorite songs, match the theme, listen to our favorite songs, and just join us in this party tent we've been constructing all these years. We go into major details about it on the newest episode of Best Bobcast. It's a must listen! Plus Deez finally delves into extreme detail if their was ever a strange dog in our apartment. A can't miss Bobcast if their has ever been one.

    I know I came with a lot in this post but the real truth is I've only scratched the surface of everything that's popping. Everything is changing very fast and I couldn't be more excited or proud of everything No Excuses has accomplished and is about to face on its unknown adventure. My advice for you is to get on the NOX SEPTA BUS, TRAIN, TROLLY, FAIREY, DUCK, PLANE, BOAT, HORSE TROLLEY, HUMMER LIMO WITH A HOT TUB, face first. Because everybody that's on it is the shit and I love them forever.

Bobby K

    P.S. I wrote this on my porch with my iPad3. See you soon in the Cosmos.

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    Happy New Year! It's 2011 and we here at No Excuses Films are still working hard as always. Last year was definitely a big year for us, and you can expect the same for this year.

    Moves are constantly being made to do post-production on our feature film. So keep your eye's to the sky and wait patiently as the movie takes it's final forms. As we always do, to take this to a local level, we are looking for some for different types of music and songs for this upcoming film. If you are interested in more info, head to our link below. For more of what we are doing these days always keep up with us at

    Omaha CraigsList Post

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    The best wrap since Chipotle started putting burritos in aluminum.

    August is almost over which means we only have one day of production left. The film is turning out better then we could've ever hoped for. A huge thanks goes to the cast and crew for putting in so much hard work. You have no idea how much it means to us and how much we love working with everyone on set. You've all been so amazing, and it's been an experience we'll never forget. In the next week we will begin post production. Which means a lot of time in the studio but the best part is that also means you can expect a bunch of brand new BestBobcast the Podcast episodes coming your way. If you're not already a listener click this link to automatically add it to your iTunes, 100% free. To the rest of our community, don't think we forgot about, "Ferg Bike Part 2". Where Ferg goes into grand detail of how riding his bike across the entire state of Nebraska turned out. Did he actually do it? All I can say is Ferg may have slept in a lot of school gyms with a bunch of wet strangers. That's all I'm saying.

     One more thing .......... like we're Steve Jobs. No Excuses Films is in the Omaha World Herald today! How amazing is that right? This morning the newsies will be singing about us. A huge thank you goes to the NOX Community for all your support. You guys are awesome!

     To all the newcomers let me give you a quick tour of the place. First see the MC Bobby K link? click on that to download the full length, "Japs in the Ravine" album absolutely free. Including album art. JITR is a story telling hip hop album dedicated to the tale of wanting to Play Call of Duty over a double experience point weekend. Then right before playing getting the dreaded Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death. The hunt for another 360 is on! Listen as MC Bobby K goes to the Zoo, the College World Series, a sleazy bar in Council Bluffs, and of course Little Caesars with Ferg. Remember the album is totally free and downloads right to your computer ( Our gift to you. Next you'll see our Podcast website, Best Bobcast is a podcast we provide for free through iTunes for our whole community to enjoy and join the discussion in our web forums. Also to get the back story go to the website to watch the full Documentary about Best Bobcast in full HD.

     If you look above to the top of the site you'll find our webstore. Where we offer T-shirts, lanyards, keychains, all types of great merch to help show off to everybody in your neighborhood that you support local artists and have a internet connection. We also accept PayPal for donations for people who just want to give back and help out the cause to continue getting The Summer Before off the ground! We love those people!

    Last but not least you can friend and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Friend us at, Follow us on, and subscribe to our channel on

    Just two more days till wrap. I can almost taste that burrito. I mean, The Summer Before.

    Bobby K

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    77 Days and counting

    We're currently 77 days outside of No Excuses Films largest production to date. The Summer Before. We're literally sitting in the Summer before, The Summer Before. We are about to launch a large casting call to get paid actors for the flick. If you yourself, or somebody you know, is an actor/actresses drop us a line at Please provide a photo, bio, and any work you've previously done. Casting as of right now is planned for June 10, 11, and 12th. We will follow up with you to schedule a time.

     But what's happening today? You ask. Well we have a brand new Bobcast episode featuring Andrew Janousek from Rock Paper Dynamite (link: and Jes Winter from The Jes Winters Band (link: Support Indie music by checking out their sites or go to a show for gods sake. Seriously, what else do you really have to do? Besides make a movie. Exactly what I thought, No Excuses. Expect to hear a lot more new Bobcast episodes as we get closer to production as we document the journey via random discussions.

     Also Japs in the Ravine has been spreading like wildfire thanks to your word of mouth. Keep it going. Remember to tell your pizza delivery man to go to to download the full album, plus the art, for free. If you want to throw us some of that turtle green head over to the web store where we got lanyards, t-shirts, pretty much everything.

    But until next time, we're out like a aborted fetus.



    Bobby K

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    The best 5 cents we've ever made!

    We're very excited to announce that Japs in the Ravine has now made a net profit of 5 cents. To help possibly double these figures we ask that you take a minute out of your busy life to request MC Bobby K's Japs in the Ravine on Remember you can always download the album absolutely free at Please keep telling your friends, neighbors, social workers, taxi drivers, baristas, amigos, bar tenders, co workers, children, co workers children about Japs in the Ravine. Follow JITR on Twitter at or We're very proud of the JITR clan on XBL representing all JITRs around the world.

     We're also very excited to announce the return of Best Bobcast! Check out the newest episode entitled, "Bobcast 2.0", over at We hope you enjoyed the Chadcast Webisode mini series. Make sure to post in the forums and let Chad know how much you did or didn't appreciate his efforts. Until next time, if you see me in a bubble in the sky don't assume i'm trapped. Just assume i'm trying to get rich. 5 cents at a time.

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    Japs in the Ravine

A 3 step plan:

     Step 1. Go to and click the big download link and get the entire album absolutely free, including the album art.

     Step 2. Upload it on an iPod, burn to a CD, listen to it on the computer, dub back to cassette tape and bang it on a ghetto blaster, listen to it on a radio then get one of those mics that lets you dial into the FM frequency and sing over me. However you choose to intake the audio output.

     Step 3. Tell your friends! How often do you get to tell somebody who doesn't know that you're about to drop them a free CD. Clearly not enough. Plus all you have to do is say go to or just forward them this message via email, Twitter, carrier pigeon, Facebook, telegram, Blog post, forum signature, smoke signal, MySpace, Change your Clan tag to "JITR", tell your website hosting tech support guy to check to see if is working and when says yeah, tell him, "Blam click the link". So many options to choose from but please pass it on as a free payment to us. Lets see how this far experiment goes.

This album is dedicated to everybody whoever had a Xbox 360 console die.

To all the JITR's out there in the Ravines fighting everyday. Our hearts and prayers go out to you. Remember that when you prestige you lose the flamethrower. Choose wisely.

     See you in the Ravine,

     MC Bobby K

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    Holy Shit! It's already mid-July.

     Those words have been heard frequently around the No Excuses Films offices lately. We really appreciate everybody checking out the WWDC Keyboard cat video. Thanks to you it's become an instant classic. Japs in the Ravine is currently under major production and our main focus. The album is almost completely written and we are currently underway with the music production. Dubbz has been meeting with the current General of Flavor the The R L O (I think he was appointed by Obama). The shit they have been bringing back from the lab has been pretty mind blowing stuff. We thank RLo for being dope and for all of his contribution.

    We have a brand new episode of Bobcast entitled, "Robot Rabbits". Head over to or refresh your iTunes to listen to it now. Remember you can get instant updates from us by following us on Twitter at: Until you hear us yell, "Holy Shit, It's mid-August", we're out like Michael Jacksons pill addiction

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    New Video, New Bobcast, and New News

    It's only been a couple days since our last update. That means things are popping. We are very excited to announce that the newest episode of Bobcast has special guest R-lo. You must ask yourself, do we actually know these people we keep parading on Bobcast, or are they just trying to get a free show from Spike Chestnut? We can say R-lo is somebody we definitely know from back in the day. Not only is he on the newest episode of Bobcast, but is also working on the production of "Japs in the Ravine". Were not simply just dropping a new Bobcast today. We also have a new video from No Excuses Films! Dubbz and I watched the WWDC to consider the future of Dubbz possible iPhone ownage when we were suddenly inspired. Here's the video:

     We would like to thank Keyboard Cat. Especially for helping George find a new hobby after his failed scuba interest.

     Lastly, just some important reminders. We have new items in the Web Store. I really like the keychain bottle opener. It feels like a natural thing I would have on my keys and if you're ever in a hostage situation you can possibly use it to cut the rope your hands are tied with. We want to hear from you so talk back in the forums, give us a call on Skype with username NoExcusesFilms, friend us on MySpace at, and of course you can also get instant updates from us on Twitter at and In the meantime we're off to continue working on making Japs in the Ravene as banging as possible. Till next time we're out like the Star Trek glasses at Burger King.

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    We're still making moves over here at No Excuses Films, and don't expect that to stop. We have a bunch of new items for sale in our web store, so go over and check out what we have. I recommend The Documentary DVD and a NOX t-shirt. We also have things like a magnet and bottle opener if you just have a couple of dollars laying around in your PayPal account. Go check out the store now, it'll be worth it.

     ...And if this wasn't already clear, is now LIVE! Check it out too.

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    More Nox in your face then a front door!

     We're back with a home page update. Brand new Bobcast episode entitled, "Hop in the Van". Head over to the Bobcast section to listen now or just update your iTunes. Which reminds me we're now available on iTunes! Search No Excuses Films or Bobcast to finds us now.

    You can now follow No Excuses Films on Twitter at: You can also follow Bobby K at and Chad at Chad Givens on Twitter? That's the coolest thing i've ever heard. You can also friend us now at

    Also head over to the Forums to see Keyboard Cat. Rick check yo mail for a package. Ferg your's will be delivered at a Bobby K run in near you. Keep checking back often for the website update. Big thanks to Jeff Davis for being a guest on Bobcast. Have a great memorial day everybody!

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    Dropping baskets of flavor like a North Carolina Easter Bunny

    We're half way through April already and everything is gearing up for the launch of the new layout. In the meantime check out the brand new episode of Bobcast, "A picture is worth a 1000 words and then some". We want to send a quick thank you for everybody who signed up for March Madness pool. It was a great success and two Fergs ended up being winners. I want to be a Ferg so bad! Hopefully they invite me to Red Lobster. Make sure to join the discussion over in the No Excuses Forums. Keep checking up regularly because we have a bunch of new shit dropping also like a North Carolina Easter Bunny. Till next time holla at cha Walt.

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    Super Sweet Update

    Alright I am running a little behind because I wanted to get this up prior to the sweet 16 starting, but hey, this is close enough. Brand new Bobcast is now up. Make sure to head over to the forums to provide your input on Bobcast and express your opinions on the topics. We're really stoked about the turnout for the NOX March Madness tournament. If you didn't get the news: we jumped the prizes up to a 30 dollar gas card/Red Lobster night and all three winners get T-shirts now as well. We have a great discussion over in the forums about best game of the year so don't sleep on that. New layout coming very soon. When the new site launches so will the Bobcast Documentary. We know you all can't wait to see it and we promise it's on the way. I have a ton of other news but I got to get back to the games. 'Til next time we're out like Texas.

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If Chris Brown was a Basketball tournament we would call it March Slapness!

     Hey everybody, No Excuses back breaking news like were CNN. We've released a special edition March Madness episode of Bobcast. As well we have a exclusive No Excuses Films March Madness Pool. To join the group, click the at the bottom of this post. You'll need to register for a free account at CBS SportsLine, then to join our group you'll be asked to enter the group's password which is bobcast, or is also included at the bottom.


     Are you already in a bracket and want to join a second one where you can take crazy chances? Or maybe you haven't join one because entry fees are lame. Well This is a free tournament hosted by Bobcast. First prize will get a 10, that's right 10 dollar gas card/Red Lobster gift certificate, a custom designed forum avatar/signature designed by Dubbz showing off your bracket picking skills, a early DVD boxset of the Bobcast Documentary, a copy of the Ad Campaign DVD, 2 No Excuses Films magnets,2 No Excuses coasters, a coupon to get two sandwiches at Little King after 5 for $9.99. Second price will get a early Bobcast Documentary and Ad Campaign DVD, 1 No Excuses Films magnet, and a possibly expired Runza coupon I might have in my car and third place gets a Bobcast DVD and a NOX magnet and that's it. Sorry third place.

     In the mean time go to to listen to brand new March Madness episode of Bobcast to get our insight on this years match ups. We now offer streaming through Flash, Windows Media Player, and Quicktime. No Excuses! Make your insurance rates go up and head over to the forum to get in the action or just leave spam.

     Feel Free to forward invite.

     Log in via the link below and get picking so you can go to Red Lobster on us!

-No Excuses Films and Bobcast staff

     Our Group password is: bobcast

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    Tons of news to drop that even a spammer will stop and read. We're currently knee deep in getting a brand new layout for the site. We got one of those Tablet things to do graphics with. It's so legit I was talking about it at the post office and a random guy in line chimed into my conversation. I used terms like PHP and Hosting to get out of the conversation without looking like a failure. Dubbz is doing an awesome job, I've seen some of the blue prints and wow! You would've thought he was creating the third Star Destroyer. When the new site rolls out so will the Bobcast Documentary for all you Fergs to see.

     Brand New Bobcast up on or in your iTunes. Feel free to join in our conversation like were Rick Sanchez and leave your comments in the No Excuses Forums. Don't forget to check out the Robot video in the video section. Now lets get back to spamming the forums.

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    Good News on the NOX Front!

    We're very happy to announce, "The Bobcast Documentary" is now 100% complete. We plan on posting it on the site in HD very shortly so keep checking up on for that. Huge thanks to Ferg and Chad for helping out, and MC Chris for allowing us to use his music. Download Mc Chris now on iTunes or visit his site at

     New Bobcast episode now available entitled, PowerGlove. Head over to or go to the Bobcast section to listen to us talk about the Virtuaboy. Also if you haven't had the chance yet make sure you check out the new Robot video from No Excuses Films. Until next time we're out like the federal budget.

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    New Robot video and new Bobcast? Call it a late christmas slash early Valentines Day gift. Either way a celebration is in order. For all you Bobcast listeners out there you're probably aware that we promised you a video of this amazing new robot technology. You honestly think we weren't going to show you, even with our slight disappointment? Who do you think we are, Cellflirt? We want to offer a warm thank you for the success in our No Excuses Films Auctions. To all of you who received a unbelievable No Excuses Magnet we hope it looks real classy on your fridge or Bow Flex machine. Make sure to continue to print off the Bobcast flyers here and using them to pack away Christmas decorations. Also if you've been on the forums you've seen a large spike in new members and posts. Such classic posts like " black professionals dating ". From beloved NOX enthusiast BeagorobBoype. That dudes crazy. Is it Mike Metz or a spammer bot? Either way we welcome you and hope you enjoy your Waynes World box set. Make sure to check out the new Christmas Bobcast episode, "Sorry for decking your halls", over in the Bobcast section or of course Till next time we're out like Wal-mart shoppers at a murder scene.

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[02/10/09] and is now being built by robots. Please update bookmarks and other links accordingly. Hope this update was not to much of a problem for you all. Of course, we here at No Excuses Films are glad to welcome our new robot overlords.

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    Believe it or not No Excuses films actually still makes films. I received some feedback from a visitor stating they didn't understand what we were or what this is. Well thanks to the No Excuses community rallying together and really showing your support for our auctions we were able to get some new equipment, created a dedicated Bobcast site (new design pending), and bought a robot.

     With all this great stuff we knew we had to get to work to keep the entertainment coming like we we're Spike Chestnut. We discovered a website video competition for a company called, "Cellflirt". What's Cell flirt you might ask? How the hell should we know. Google search it and post it in the forums. We stumbled upon it via a Husker website. Apparently the winner of the competition gets Gator Bowl tickets. We knew this was the perfect opportunity to create a video. We created the video but as of right now we are still not available on the competition website:

     What's up with that? We think it's crucial you the community are heard. We want all of you to email these nice people at and let them know what video you really want to see. In the mean time please enjoy the video on behalf of No Excuses Films and remember to post in the Forums what you thought. Also keep an eye out with in the next week for the Christmas miracle that is, "Bobcast: Sorry for decking your halls". Until next time remember Robots can hear you what your saying and easily pass judgments.

     P.S. Here is the video me made for cellflirt, dont forget to vote on the above website once our video goes up.

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    New news and its only been two days. We're on fire over here at No Excuses Films. We got a brand new Bobcast, and don't forget you can now get directly to Bobcast by going to

     In other news, help us out with the unofficial official No Excuses Films fundraiser. We're selling off some of our own slightly used goodies to help raise some funds for much needed production equipment. So if you want to be a part of No Excuses Films, now is your chance to definitely assisst, just go to the following link to view our ebay auctions, then just buy stuff. You can get your hands on things like "Double Feature - Wayne's World 2" and other blu-ray's we didn't care for.

Unofficial Official Fundraiser Auctions Link

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    Great news! No Excuses Films is explanding like Val's hard cider company. Brand new site dedicated to Bobcast exclusively for all you Bobcast-aways. Go to the new site at To celebrate the launch of the new Bobcast site we are offering free unbelievable flyers. You can download the flyers below. 'Til next time were out like the Texas Longhorns.

Links: Flyer Front & Flyer Back

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    We're back like the future! Sorry for the late update. We have been playing a lot of catch up ever since Bobby's computer crashed. The Mr. Turtle animation has been delayed. Sorry everybody. But we assure you it's still coming out! Also, if you didn't see on the homepage, we have a possibly official No Excuses Films Logo. It has everyones favorite, Mr. Turtle, showing off his camera skills.

     A update on some past news, according to the information pool we've heard the Roommate Productions short film, "Wednesday", is coming out shortly. If you ever needed a reason to not eat at Julio's, this short might give it to you.

     Also catch No Excuses Films' very own Bobby K hosting an upcoming TV show on NET Television. Is that Bobby K on my TV or is this bad moonshine? It's a little bit of both.

     Dubbz is currently looking for some honest work. If you a job opportunity for your friend Deez. Head over to the No Excuses forums and post your jobs. Make sure the jobs you post are appropriate. No matter what Dubbz tells you.

     And probably the most wanted news we can deliver, we are dropping two new Bobcasts on your face like a sloppy taco with too much meat. Head over to the Bobcast section to get your hands on that taco sauce. One even features a new poll found in the Bobcast Forum about the controversy of whether or not Ferg is addicted to video games. That's just one bite of that crunchy taco flavor included in these Bobcasts, so don't wait.

     Again, sorry for the delayed updates here in the news section, but remember you can always catch any of us at the forums. So, until next time we're out like Cody Glenn.

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    No Excuses Y'all we've been busy!

     Your own Dubbz, Chad, and Bobby K have been working around the clock, in bunkers trying to stay alive from tornadoes and falling trees. First off, all three of us have been assisting with a short film over at Roommate Productions entitled "Wednesday". If you ever wanted to see Julio's restaurant be shot up for a good cause, we recommend checking the flick out. We want to thank Eric and Chad for being cool to us. Everything with that film was totally done by Roommate Productions and we hope them the best. If you look for a split second you might see me (Bobby K) running by in terror. Is Kenny(Adam) holding a gun or a boom mic? You have to see it to find out.

     Secondly, Dubbz has been working on a animated short featuring Mr. Turtle and friends. It focuses around the Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD format war. We also have some brand new t-shirts designed by Dubbz himself that will soon be available on the webstore. Just in time for school shopping. If it's your first day at a new school a Bobcast shirt will signify to your peers that "Hey, my podcasts are more irrelevant than yours". So keep an eye out for that!

     Thirdly, if you haven't been over to the forums than you're missing out! We had a posting about Chip Coffee from Paranormal State, and somebody google searched the term "Chip Coffee Paranormal" and ended up in our forum. So I googled that term myself and we ended up in the 4th page in the search results. But once you click on our link I have a post that says, "Chip Coffee changed the way I think about the paranormal.... and not in a good way". Now I am afraid Chip Coffee is extremely offended because that same person came back 22 times (as seen from google analytics). So if it is Chip Coffee I apologize it wasn't my intention to hurt you. Good luck with "Psychic Kids" and if you try and touch any of them they should of known what they are getting into.... because there Psychic. Anyway, click on our forums link and join in the fun.

     We appreciate everyones patience while we roll out all the new stuff. In the mean time enjoy Bobcast and the No Excuses Forums and we will see you in there!

bobcast icon


    Bobcast is back 2 back! We are happy to announce the return of Bobcast with two brand new episodes. First one has our old pal Chad and the second one features the famous Dubbs. Click on the Bobcast icon now to be ported to the future.

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    We bring you some very special surprise guests in this latest Bobcast episode. You just have to hear this to believe it as words cannot describe the magnitude of this special edition.

bobcast icon


    Bobcast is back and sounding better than ever in this Epic 10th episode! Join the trio Bobby K, Dubbz, and Chad in this adventure where we discuss the possibilities of a CGI Mark Hamill, turning our gaming consoles into little casinos, show off our new mic, and of course give away a free 10 dollar gift certificate!

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    While we are busy working our tails off on the site please click the chat bubble to take a look at the new forum design and feel free to give us your opinions by click the speech bubble to the left.

     We also have the new Bobcast episode number 9 up and ready for your listening pleasure! If you haven't yet resubscribed since our updates please use the appropriate link below..

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    Bobcast Lameness again...... So listen everybody as you can you see with the recent changes we are revamping the site and by doing so its cut a couple of ties. We apologize to you the Bobcast enjoyer but we promise (as much as we can) this is the last time this will happen. Also you will need to rebookmark the site as well since all older bookmarks will no longer be functional.

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    It's that time again. We know you've been waiting and its here. Time for a brand new Bobcast, so hurry over an check out the 8th episode of the series. This episode features two of your favorites from here at No Excuses Films, the duo of Bobby K and Chad. Just head on over to the Bobcast page for the new episode.

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    While things might seem somewhat quite around here, we are working on some new projects. In the meantime, there are always updates being made to the forums. Go there to check out what other members of the NoExcuses community find interesting. While your there create your own topics and get to know other people on the forum as well as us, the staff around here at NoExcusesFilms.

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    Happy Valentine's Day, and Happy Relaunch Day. Site is up a pretty much fully operational. Some small things will continue to be worked with in the near future so keep an eye out. More news to come about site overhaul. Thanks to everyone who made the switch with us. We welcome our new web hosting overlords.

bobcast icon


    Today is Day 2 of the No Excuses Forum and were off to a great start. Itís the best place to discuss topics like if Big Foot is walking on Mars, If Zombies are good political candidates, and talk Bobcast with your fellow listeners. So head over to the BOARD before someone gets the handle Optimus Prime before you. Also new charity auction going live tomorrow! So check your turtle coin jar because this one is going to be like the D2 the mighty ducks are back of duplicate charity auctions. USA! USA!

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    Thatís right it's up! Head over to the Bobcast to download the newest episode. Than stop by again tomorrow night for a No Excuses surprise. For all you Bobcast faithful.

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    A historic day here at not only are we excited to announce the upcoming launch of the second charity auction but also to present the new message board. Head over to the BOARD, register and start posting! Also stop back tomorrow for a brand new Bobcast a fantastic way to start the week.

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    So much happens in 16 days I don't even know where to start. I guess I'll start by saying Mr. Dubbz is working easily 19 hour days to overhaul this site and have a brand new look for it very soon here. We've been wrestling with that a lot to make site available for updates on my end and his end so keep an eye out for that.

     We have a SECOND charity auction coming on the site monday. The first one was a huge success and was won by a Mr. Davis. Round of applause for him helping to save turtles. Mr. Davis is such a nice guy he even gave away the No Excuses shirt he won to the second highest bidder since he already has one. So way to go Mr. Davis for looking out.

     Check the Bobcast section this weekend if you dare because we might have some devastation for you. Keep your fingers crossed.

     I will hopefully be back again this weekend with even more news until than have a great saturday.

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    New Bobcast now available in your itunes as well as in the Bobcast section.

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    eBay Charity Auction Widget now up!!! You can now bid on the auction directly from the homepage so check your PayPal balances and get your highest bid in early and lets see how many turtles we can rescue.

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    Charity Auction is now up! And bidding starts tomorrow night at 7 pm CST. Once the auction is live we will put the eBay to go widget on the front page so everyone will be able to bid on the auction right from our site.

films icon


    For all you windows folks who don't have quicktime installed on your computer we added a YouTube version of "The Final Journey" so that way everyone can enjoy. Enjoy!

bobcast icon


    Bobcast! lameness. We made some updates to the site in the past few weeks and by doing so it expired everyones Bobcast subscription. We appologize for the inconvience and lameness. To resolve me the problem just head back over to the Bobcast section and click "subscribe" and that will solve it. Sorry again.

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    The Mr. Turtle webstore is now offering FREE! No Excuses Films "Ad Campaign" DVDs with the purchase of a T-shirt. The DVD includes all episodes of Mr. Turtle and friends and a devastating magnet that you can put on your fridge next to that random insurance guy calender magnet you get in the mail every year.

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    We have some Mr. Turtle and Elmo charity auctions coming your way the expected date is Jan 6th. Each auction will feature a Mr. Turtle and Tickle me Elmo doll, Mr. Turtle "It's Coming" T-shirt, No Excuses Films Ad Campaign DVD featuring all Mr. Turtle and Elmo episodes, plus free magnet. Unbelievable! To top that 100% of the proceeds are going to charity through eBay giving works to The American Tortoise Rescue. Their Website is According to their website they focus on: "advocating for turtles and tortoises just as we have in the past but with more fury. We will continue our crusade to stop the issues that affect them throughout the world, including habitat destruction, the live food markets in the US, the looming legislative issue allowing turtles and tortoises under four inches to be sold again after a 33-year ban and the cruel pet trade, among other problems."

    Which is something No Excuses Films has in common with we are both on a crusade to advocate for turtles with fury. Except I think I speak for everyone here that we actually don't condone the sale of turtles under or more of 4 inches. Unless your buying a turtle for it to be a pet or something. We think all turtles should be treated equal no matter what size you are. So keep an eye out for that on Jan 6th!

films icon


    The two new and final chapters of the Mr. Turtle and Elmo adventures have been posted on the site in the films section. We also have (if you didn't see) a front page version of the last episode titled "The Final Journey", designed for the eBay film festival goers who will be visiting the site to donate on the exclusive Turtle Charity auctions.

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    We updated the check out so if you are in my local and I am comfortable delivering your shirt to you (make sure to double check with me first via e-mail) you can dismiss the 3 dollar s/h and now send $20 dollars for a out of this world Mr. Turtle shirt!! Great impulse buy with that extra money you received for Christmas.

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    We added the original "Power of 3" film to the films section for your enjoyment.

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    New Christmas Bobcast! Head over to the Bobcast section to get now.

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    New look to the site, and also added content. Check out the section for the first THREE Bobcast. Also to promote our new short films, check out the films section to check out "Ad Campaign".



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