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The Bobcast Documentary DVD: Front in Case

Enlarge Image    
The Bobcast Documentary DVD: Back Art

Enlarge Image    

This is 'The Bobcast Documentary' DVD which includes the movie you hopefully saw on the front page. Although we make the movie available to watch, and download for free, with this tangible DVD you also get twice the footage; with bonus content of the unedited bobcast scences and the unedited chad interview. The extra clip of chad is worth the price of the DVD alone, but you'll also get the fresh dvd case to leave lying infront of your TV.

 DVD $10.00


The T-Shirt

Enlarge Image     Enlarge Logo

This is our flagship piece of Best Bobcast dot com merch. This a multi-color white T-Shirt... yea that's right, white and colored. Here at we don't care. Think about if you buy this shirt, how many random questions you will get about it. That should be reason enough to buy this shirt. If it's not reason enough, then think about all the fun you'll have have when you eventually are standing over the sink trying wash out that pizza sauce that is about to stain this fresh white shirt. Now that you're sold on this shirt, rest assured you'll be the only kid on the block repping this soon to be classic shirt.

Sizes & Price


No Excuses Films T-Shirt

Enlarge Image     Enlarge Logo

...It's Here! What is to some the sequel to the OG NOX "It's Coming" Shirt, this is the No Excuses Films T-Shirt. This one sided black shirt displays hands down the best turtle holding a camera logo ever to be silk-screened onto a shirt in the year 2009. With such a honor bestowed to this shirt, it is clearly a successful seuqel of a shirt. Also the fact that this shirt exists after appearing as "new shirt to order soon" on the old store, is a great example of the "we're getting around to it" attitude we at No Excuses Films and will always continue to deliver. Now that this official, not even a knock-off, NOX logo shirt is available, we suggest you order one.



OG Turtle T-Shirt: Front

Enlarge Image     Enlarge Logo
OG Turtle T-Shirt: Back

Enlarge Image     Enlarge Logo

Yup, we're still selling these 'til the run out. It's the Original Turtle Shirt we put out. It features your favorite Turtle's Face. This shirt deserves more of description, but don't let it stop you from purchasing it, there just isn't room for the words.

Sizes Bottle Opener: Front

Enlarge Image Bottle Opener: Back

Enlarge Image    

This is a handy multi-purpose piece of merch that will rep your podcasting listening abilities, will also help your keys stand out with it's bright white colored plastic, and we'll make you the life of the party as you open bottles all night (or until someone steals your keys). With a pitch like that, why haven't you ordered 5 already.

 KeyChain $3.00


No Excuses Films Fridge Magnet

Enlarge Image    

We aren't here to lie to you, it's really a fridge magnet. This magnet is a standard sized fridge magent, and it has a front image of the No Excuses Films Official NOX Logo. While the obvious place for this would be you're fridge, don't let us tell you how to live your life. Still though, it is only a magenet, so you do have to obey the laws of universe, so you can really only place this on magnetic surfaces. With that said, it still doesn't have to go on fridge, but that's where mine is.

 Magnet $1.50


No Excuses Films dot Com Lanyard

Enlarge Image    

No Excuses to lose your keys after you have one of this handy No Excuses Films Lanyards on them. The only downfall with this 2-foot-long lanyard on your keys will be when you have your keys in your pocket and walk by a cornered edge that is thigh level and your keys will inevitably get caught on it. Other than that, you have no excuses not to by this lanyard!

 Lanyard $3.50



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